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A professional recognition scheme for specialist nursing


for Nurses


Professional recognition, quality nursing care

The values of Credentialing for Nurses is based on the recognition of specialist education and practice in achieving positive client/consumer/patient outcomes, and include: equity, collaboration, transparency, excellence, inclusiveness, sustainability, respect, efficiency, professionalism, quality improvement, commitment.


Credentialing recognises the qualifications, skills, expertise and experience of nurses who are practicing as specialist nurses. It demonstrates to employers, professional colleagues, consumers and carers that an individual nurse has achieved the professional standard for practice in their nursing specialty. 

Credentialing is a core component of clinical/professional governance or self-regulation where members of a profession set standards for practice and establish a minimum requirement for entry, continuing professional development, endorsement and recognition.


To download a brochure about Credentialing for Nurses click here.






(Page updated 15 September 2020)

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