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People are so excited about credentialing - see what just some of our Credentialed nurses have to say...


"I wanted formal acknowledgement of my mental health credentials, skills and experience and this is essential for me to be in private practice.  Clients deserve to know that the nurses who care for them meet these basic credentials showing them to be mental health nurses" - Ann, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


"The introduction of credentialing can only be a positive influence for the profession; it opens up increasingly attractive career options and the requirement to continue to improve one’s knowledge results in increasing nurses confidence in their abilities to do their job well" - Wendy, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


"As a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse I feel somewhat liberated in my practice, and can truly advocate for the client using sound evidence based theories, though they may be alternative, the client has the right to them" - Alison, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


"To become credentialed, to be further acknowledged as a mental health nurse who is part of the team able to offer services to clients, is most satisfying" - Sandy, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


"The process of credentialing allowed me to reflect upon my professional experiences and to truly understand why I continue to work as a mental health nurse. While credentialing requires voluntary and intrinsic motivation, it is itself a modality to ensuring that I remain an educationally prepared and competently developed mental health professional" - Brent, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


"I believe the credentialing process emphasises the maintenance of high standards of professional development and supervision and I would encourage all nurses to seek credentialing. For me, the credentialing process is a way of ensuring nursing is respected as a progressive profession that self regulates to maintain standards, and it can only further enhance the professional stance of mental health nursing" - Ah-Nya, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse


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