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CPD Evidence Based Record Requirements 

CPD Evidence Based Record (EBR)

Some specialties use different CPD records and have different requirements around the number of hours required.  

Requirements for: ACCYPN

Applicants are required to provide evidence of completion of 50 hours of continuing professional development in the previous 12 months, which must incorporate:

•    at least 40 hours relating to the area of specialty
•    no more than 30 hours of education related activities can be claimed
•    no more than  30 hours of practice related activities can be claimed 
•    meeting any specific requirements as detailed by specialist colleges/organisations

Education and Practice Related Activities


A specialty's professional nursing organisation may choose to establish education/practice activity guidelines which differ from those indicated in the Professional Credentialing Application Guidelines.  

Requirements for: ACCYPN


Education related activities:

A minimum of 20 hours to be included in the 50 hours annually.

Practice related activities:

A minimum of 20 hours to be included in the 50 hours annually.

Requirements for: ACMHN

Within the three years prior to your application you must be able to demonstrate that you have undertaken continuing professional education (CPE) and practice development (CPD) to the equivalent of a minimum of 200 Credential for Practice (CPP) points in total.

Activities to evidence the points must be shown in your Evidence Based Record document.


CPP Points:


CPP points can be claimed for a variety of professional activities and these are listed.

1 point = 1 hour of direct contact in a relevant CPE or CPD activity unless otherwise specified.
You must be able to claim at least 100 points for CPE and 100 points for CPD. 


(Page updated 1 March 2018)

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