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Specialist Nurse Credentialing Project

Five specialty nursing organisations are working together to develop a credentialing program for their professions.

The organisations participating are:

  • Australian College of Children and Young People’s Nurses

  • College of Emergency Nursing Australasia

  • Cancer Nurses Society of Australia

  • Palliative Care Nurses Australia and

  • Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses is facilitating the project, and it will build on the expertise and knowledge the ACMHN holds in relation to the credentialing of mental health nurses.

Credentialing for nursing specialities in Australia has experienced a slow but steady growth over the last 10 years. This project will build on the work already undertaken through the Coalition of National Nursing Organisations (CoNNO) and aims to deliver an evidenced based, consistent and sustainable approach to credentialing for specialist nursing.

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